Friday, 26 October 2012

GEMS Missionary met with major road accident

Brother Anand Daniel and family and Brother Ruban of Ranchi STORM met with a major accident this morning. Click to read the news here STORM missionaries accident

They are hospitalized in Apollo, Ranchi and are under treatment. CT Scan was done for Bro Daniel and is normal. Samuel’s nose bleeding has stopped, he has sustained some scratches in the face from the glass pieces. Sis Dency’s head had banged on the windshield owing to which the windshield had shattered and so she is injured badly in the head.
Bro Ruban is still in critical condition and is in the MICU under sedation and observation. He is suffering with Cerebral Edema and fracture in the right leg. He needs miraculous healing from the Lord.
Please uphold these missionaries in your earnest prayers for their recovery.
The first hand information obtained on the cause of the accident is that as Bro Daniel was driving on the National Highway and as he was crossing Ramgarh, a person on a motor bike had come into the highway from within a village road out of nowhere; and before Bro Daniel could come in terms with that, the bike had collided on the car and as the brake was applied the car had rotated and hit on a big divider with a “Road Diversion” sign. Also a police case has been registered because the other person who was in the bike is also injured. Please pray that this would also resolve smoothly.